The chambers of Prof Dr Holger Matt were founded in 2001. Its present field of practice is concentrated exclusively on the area of criminal law and criminal procedural law and consultancy in corporate compliance. Before that Dr Matt had been partner as a lawyer specialising in criminal law in the office of Schumacher • Dr Matt in Frankfurt am Main. With the foundation of the new office this orientation towards criminal law has been pursued and increasingly concentrated on clients in the field of economic commercial and taxation criminal law. Today the cambers are one of the most renowned in the area of “white collar crime”, also in terms of consultancy of national und international companies and corporate groups (e.g. for compliance).

Prof Dr Matt has extensive international experience and contacts and as such has the capacity to provide exceptional representation to clients in cases with European or other international aspects.

Our lengthy experience in dealing with the criminal justice system, the prosecutors’ offices and the courts, together with both academic and practical experience provide the foundation upon which we can provide high quality services to our clients. Experience has shown that superior representation can be provided by concentrating on the specialisation in the field of criminal law both substantive and procedural. If the case eludes to other legal aspects - e.g. tax cases or cases against medical doctors questions of social law - we possess excellent contacts to specialised colleagues and other advisors (e.g. auditors or tax consultants). In civil law cases - especially in cases concerning capital investment law, contract law, road traffic law and all matters of torts - we cooperate with our attorney colleague Sven Achenbach.

Since our office is centrally located in Frankfurt am Main we have virtually unlimited mobility in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world.

If you want to know how others estimate the quality of our work you may look us up at JUVE.